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Homeowner's exemptions 101

"public service announcement" -- You need to APPLY for your Homeowner's Exemption! It is NOT something that is done automatically. Many times, it is taken care of at your closing but many times it is not. It is always reflected on your SECOND INSTALLMENT tax bill only (the full exemption). Lastly, you must live in the home as of JANUARY 1 of the tax year. So...if you moved into your home in April of 2014, you would not be eligible for a H/E until your 2015 taxes (since you were not living in the home on January 1, 2014). Hence, you would not see your exemption until your SECOND INSTALLMENT bill in 2016 (for 2015 taxes). It is super confusing! In addition, you can receive a refund check for up to 3 years back if you did not receive or apply for an exemption but were living in the home as your primary residence during that time. Please contact me at Lauren@easytaxappeals.com with any questions you may have about how the process works. In addition, happy to answer any questions regarding Senior and Senior Freeze Exemptions and eligibility.

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